Web Services

Thinking of getting a website?

A website is something that identifies you to the whole world, something that is exclusively yours to promote your business or idea.  It has a ‘domain’ a name that is searchable and pertains only to you www.MYNAME.com or www.MYNAME.net
It is not someone else’s domain like a Facebook page. That’s simply a page that Facebook holds the rights to, sets the terms for and limits what you can do or say, they own it not you. Those free website places are just that, domains that host a page you build yourself for free. Does your business want to imply to the whole world you can’t or won’t spend a few dollars to promote what you do? That’s what comes across, it doesn’t make you look good. You are forced to accept similar terms and limits on these sites.
The free services really aren’t, they bombard your page with advertisements that they choose and they get the revenue from, they gather personal information from, and they pester you to upgrade or add paid services to so they can make a profit.

I have one too: https://www.facebook.com/area250/ as it is useful to promote yourself to Facebook users.  You link it back to your website as you would on any other site that offers advertising pages.


Want to learn how to make your own webpages? By hand, with Joomla or WordPress? I can teach you how. A webpage is simply a file on a computer somewhere that you can access over the Internet. It does not “have to” be on a particular company’s server, or mad with or accessed by a particular program. You could even have it on your own computer at home if you wish.

I can run you through the three basic parts:

1 – a name. If you want a name like mywebsite.com or my website.ca you have to buy the name year by year. That’s just the way it is, you need what’s called a Registrar to do this.

2– the website, which is a file or collection of files that YOU own. You design it or hire someone to make it When you enter www.yoursitename.com in a web browser it goes to YOUR site. If it goes to www.somewherelse.com/yourname that is just a page on someone else’s site, not a website. A Facebook page IS NOT a website, Facebook owns it not you.

3– a computer connected to the Internet (server) to put those files on. There’s another fee for that. OF course there are ‘free’ places to host your page but remember that if you’re a business. professional or want to be taken seriously, those wix or weebly pages just make you look cheap.

A Little or A Lot

Of course you don’t need to learn or may not have the time. I can do any, some or all of this for you. Some of my customers like a website I made for them and they can control, and a simple single bill that takes care of everything including help calls. That’s what the low priced hsts don’t warn you – it’s $75 on your credit card if you want to get help from a live person! Other customers want me to get them a name, upload the site they made and host it for a single bill. Yet others just want hosting or just registration. You pick.

Host and register your site anywhere you like, I can design you a low cost website that allows you or someone on staff to tweak, update and modify it yourself. It’s yours so you have full rights to decide who and how people can access it. With a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, it’s simple, safe and highly customizable for any need. Thousands of free add-ons, themes and templates are available for use.

Own Servers

Seriously, if you want your site on your own computer I can do that too. Won’t be very efficient as no one will get your webpage if your computer’s turned off. But maybe you have a company server – a computer that’s designed to never be shut off, and a real good Internet connection. Maybe you’d like to add a web server to you system so you can host your website and even your email yourself. I’ve built dozens of such machines. In any size or price range.

 Sites Hosted by Area250

fortstjames.com – www.fsjames.com, an area web portal
Fort St. James Senior Citizen’s Home Society

nechako.net– under construction

marianospizza.ca  here in Fort  St James

www.thepatriciancattery.com, Bombay kittens, Burnaby

www.beyondhope.ca Humour

www.gastalk.net www.gastalk.ca Auto talk and fuel forum

www.sanaaihmarket.ca or www,sanaaihmarket.com Sunset Market, Fort St. James

www.westcoastfliar.com  Satire

www.qlynx.com Demo website used for testing

area250.com, this website

more coming