Mail Setup

Just use the wizard when you start Mail. All you need to do is enter your email address and password and it will do the rest.

SECURITY WARNING ON FSJAMES.COM– this is because the actual server name is practically unspellable and I’m not going to pay for a certificate for everyone else’s free email service. Click CONTINUE and ADD an exception. You will have to do this almost every time your browser updates. The site is perfectly safe.

I you have trouble, call. I will set you up for only $35


The hotel or place you’re at may be on Shaw, or Rogers, or Bell or some other Internet service. They won’t let you send mail through someone else’s server. Use the webmail feature that works just like Hotmail and Yahoo. As long as you don’t check a message and pick delete it will still be there next time you use your computer at home. You can even choose filters to delete spam and such if you look at the bottom of the page before you choose Squirrelmail or Roundcube to read it.    or

go to and click on the mailbox icon.

Logon with your email address and password, if you forgot your password – guess what? I don’t know it either. Call me at 4008 and we’ll have t make a new password for you. It will need to be a complex one with capitals, letters and numbers in it that meets a minimum standard. The days of “bob” or “1234” are long gone.