Internet Connections – Repair and service only.

I’ve been doing Internet here for 20 years, but I no longer sell Internet access! If you’re having connection problems, over 80% of the time the problem isn’t “the Internet” at all, because The Internet doesn’t DO anything, its kind of like a water hose where water comes out or it doesn’t. I can troubleshoot and repair your problems and isolate those ones where yes, you must call your Internet Provider because “the Internet” isn’t getting to your house.

Bad cables. Router problems. Firewalls. Bad wireless drivers and failed wireless cards. Network errors, antivirus programs blocking access. More and more common – your kid downloading in the bedroom and hogging all the bandwidth! And you thought they were doing homework… forgot what we were like at 15?

I can recommend proper router for your usage, if you need a faster Internet connection, which Internet connection is best for your budget. I’ve worked on them all.

Setting up a home or office network or installing your new wireless printer/scanner are common requests I service.

E-mail is another common request and after all these years I feel like I’ve setup more emails for people than anyone else on the planet. I can fix it for you in minutes so stop tearing your hair out trying. Doesn’t matter who’s email you use or what program you use to get it. Best $30 you ever spent.

Router setups is another. I will set your wireless router up with your name so you can tell what signal to connect to and a password you’re going to remember instead of some horrid mix of letters and numbers it came with.

The machines should work the way you want, not tell you how you will work. That’s my basic philosophy, keep it simple.