Is your computer running slower than usual? When you click on an icon does it take more than a second or so to open the window or application? Then you need a computer cleanup right now to check for trojans, adware and useless things in your startup. Those free programs are 99% crapware that make your computer worse not better. “Boost this”, “Speed Up That”,”Optimize”, “Registry Fixer”, they’re all complete nonsense or even worse. I’ll get rid of them, add standard maintenance programs, manually edit your registry and startup and scan an insure you have a working anti-virus. Between $50 and $75 depending on how messed up your computer is.
Boost your speed greatly by switching to an SSD drive. Get your old drive back in as a USB external backup!

Windows – Mac – Linux
Though I no longer sell new computers, I am available for consultation on what your best option may be according to what you use it for and your budget. I can even assemble one for you with the parts you require.


Think you have a virus? Well if you install an antivirus after you’ve got one – you just wasted your time and money! System Restore? That might get rid of your problem for a few days, but it’s still there waiting to reinstall itself first chance it gets. I’ll get rid of it so it won’t be back. Unless of course you go back to that infected webpage -email -download and install it all over again. You can fix a virus infection but you can’t fix stupid.

Fake Virus Warnings, Phishing trojans: like the one that turns on your webcam and shows YOU in the middle of an RCMP warning. You’ve been caught surfing kiddie porn – send $100 or you could go to jail for ten years! Of course you weren’t doing that. You’re door would come off the hinges and you’d be handcuffed and pinned to the ground. You really would go to jail if that were true, it’s a scam to get your $100 and credit card number.

RootKits – the favourite of “Mr. Ishtar from Windows” who phoned you. “You modem is infection, I am fix it”. Did you do as they said? If so, they’ve got your credit card info, and are  most likely spying to get your passwords and bank info too! Did you hang up half way or refuse to pay? They’ve probably locked your computer and you’ll never get back in. You may have lost all your pictures and emails for good. Don’t believe it? Ask around, several people in Fort St. James have been taken for tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of time filing charges and fixing things with the bank. I will clean up your computer and remove any traces of spyware.

A virus repair will run $90 – $150 depending on how badly infected and how much work it is to recover your files.
RANSOMWARE: If you’ve been hit with this, your files are lost unless you backed them up somewhere. I can remove the damages caused but only on TV can some geek decode military grade encryption between commercials.

I do not fix laptops or phones with smashed screens and wrecked keyboards. I can recommend places to you that do, but be warned it will cost a lot to fix and take a long time. Often it is about the same to buy a new one.


Sometimes reinstalling Windows is the fastest and easiest solution. If your hard drive goes it is the only solution but most of the time I can recover many of your files off the old drive. If your computer has a dualcore processor or better, you can upgrade Windows 7 or 8. These services run about $90-$150 not including the cost of a new hard drive if needed.

Scared of Windows 10? Don’t be, it’s actually very good and I can tune it so you won’t even know it’s not Windows 7 or XP. Not a big deal. it can be done in a few minutes, at your home for only about $30


And discovered it’s not just a matter of turning it on and using it? I can set it up for you so it works the way it should, set up your Internet connection and printer.

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You can be pretty much assured if the price is under $700 that it’s a steaming pile of shit. Tablets are NOT computers and Chromebooks are TOYS. Look for an i5 or i7 or Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 processor for Windows and nothing else. New Macs have “M1” processors, the same i5 or i7 rule applies for older Macs.
Insist on an SSD – a Solid State Drive, not an “ooh so big hard drive”, preferrably an NVME SSD.
Laptops and all-in-ones are NOT upgradeable, and cost more to repair than desktops. If you’re not gonna pack it around, WTF are you even thinking of a laptop for? Buy a desktop with a huge screen instead. If your Internet router’s in the same room, plug it in with a $5 cable. If it doesn’t have WiFi, buy a USB wireless stick for $30.
This is specially true for true gamers. Laptops suck, as soon as it’s in the store there’s one with a better graphics card already shipping.

This advice is based on over 25 years servicing computers and seeing less than a dozen come in that were better than a $100.00 Pi400.