Covid in the Fort

Due to t serious number of cases, I will not be doing outcalls until things get better. You can still bring your computer to me, it will be sterilized and serviced for you to pick up. If you have Internet access still, call and I can set you up for remote servicing. Over the phone… Continue reading Covid in the Fort


If you live here – START here!After 4 years untouched, I decided the extended Covid19 lockdown was an opportunity to do a huge update to the website Simplified, easier for touchscreens and tablets, more organized and with loads of new information and links relevant to our town. There’s Today’s News, Local diner menus and… Continue reading new:

Rebuilt computers!

—–X2 255 tower $100tiny Atom box desktop $25Asus EEE desktop $2522″ LCD $40Macbook 2008 $200Mac Mini 2010 SSD $400WACOM tablet $75tons of various laptop chargers $10 Acer HP Lenovo Toshiba

Mail Problems? mail accounts work as a courtesy to former customers from before 2014, mainly for seniors who find change difficult. Nobody’s paid a nickel in four years for the service, I pay it. Do not use it for important business, legal matters, etc as I might just decide to shut it down if costs or… Continue reading Mail Problems?

Mail Setup

Just use the wizard when you start Mail. All you need to do is enter your email address and password and it will do the rest. SECURITY WARNING ON FSJAMES.COM– this is because the actual server name is practically unspellable and I’m not going to pay for a certificate for everyone else’s free email service.… Continue reading Mail Setup


The first computers I played with were back in the 1960s and 70s. I remember touring SFU when it first opened, ‘the computer’ was the size of your garage and about as powerful as a handheld calculator. But that was amazing at the time, just remember that the H-bomb, nuclear reactors and the Space Program… Continue reading BIO

Rick’s Area 250 Computer Services

Site is always under construction. Call or text (if you don’t know the first 3 digits, you don’t live here so I can’t help you) 4008 for help with computer repairs, computer or internet related problems, or lessons.