Your Computer Service in Fort St. James

COVID NOTICE: You can bring your computer to me, all computers-tablets-phones worked on will be wiped down before and after servicing. If you do need on site service, I’m vaxxed and can wear a mask it’s no more inconvenient to me than asking me to take off my shoes, it is your place after all.

Windows 11 is here – It won’t work on older computers and is insignificantly different than 10 so don’t worry about it. Windows 10 will be good until 2025.

Viruses? Computer slow? Need advice or tutoring? You all know me, I’ve been fixing computers and Internet in town for over 25 years, I’m now based from home.
Complete range of onsite Internet troubleshooting and repairs for both business and home users.


LEARN: If you want to learn how to use your computer, or how do something with it, or on the Internet I can explain in language you understand and in a way you can remember. I can sit with you and show you, or even show you step by step remotely. I can advise you on things that could help you without a sales pitch. I’m someone who’s been mucking with computers as long as Bill Gates and show you first, so you can decide if that costly software will help you at all.  Call me, I’m willing to tutor just you or even a group.

Breathe new life into your older system with an SSD!

Chances are, you’re not even using all of that big hard drive. Upgrade to a new ultrafast SSD and keep your old hard drive as a backup. Add a little RAM and clean up that startup and malware. Call me, it will feel like new once done. For far less than a new computer.

New computer? Recover your files and pictures from the old one, even if it’s dead!
Advice on what new computer to buy for your needs.
et it up for best access and configure it not to spy on you and not waste resources for only $50.

Internet problems?

I was the guy who brought the Internet to Fort St. James way back when. Fort St. James was one of the first rural areas to get Internet access. From dial-up to ADSL and wireless-to-home access, I am able to pinpoint your problems (is it you, or them?) or even advise you on the best system to use at your location. With years of experience working with Telus, ABC and running Max, I have many contacts who can help resolve problems that trace to your ISP. If it’s your router or computer, I’m the first person for you to call.

Web Services

Sometimes you want an all in one web service. Registrations, renewals, updates and assistance all for a simple flat price and one yearly invoice. Sometimes you want to learn how to make your own site, and a place to put it. Or maybe just need to be shown how to use Joomla or WordPress or how to FTP.  I will also do simple but effective websites for you. Call. More on websites here

Edge is now = Chrome
Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are both made from a browser called Chromium. Chrome spies on you for Google, Edge spies for Microsoft. Choose your poison.
he browser you used to use is back and much improved. You do have a choice.