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Mail Problems?

@fsjames.com mail accounts work as a courtesy to former customers from before 2014, mainly for seniors who find change difficult. Nobody’s paid a nickel in four years for the service, I pay it. Do not use it for important business, legal matters, etc as I might just decide to shut it down if costs or significant time needed to keep it running increases! Use Outlook, Telus, Gmail, YeeHaw for that.

Get the files onto your computer. Use POP if you can or realize you get only so much space on the server. If you use modern setup wizards they set up IMAP which leaves a copy of everything on the server too, and it eventually overflows.

Overflowed mailboxes are the most common problem – check that first. Go to www.fortstjames.com and click the @fsjames.com WEBMAIL icon. Log in. empty or purge your TRASH Folder, then go to the SENT folder and Empty all the files over a week old. Go back to your TRASH and empty or purge it again. That should fix it.
If you still have problems, call 996-4008 and I will check things. If I need to come set up or fix your end, it will only cost you $35.

Passwords: I don’t know your password, so if you’ve forgotten it you’ll have to call and set up another one. One that meets today’s security requirements.

CHANGED YOUR E-MAIL? If you’d like your old @fsjames.com mail to go to another email address, email admin@fsjames.com or text 006-4008 with your old fsjames account and your new one (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.) and I will direct fsjames mail to it. I don’t need any of your passwords to do that.

Organize your mail if you just can’t throw away those 12 year old jokes from your sister: Make an Old Mail folder and move old messages to it
Thunderbird, Windows Mail:
-File Menu -> New -> Folder..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and Create as a subfolder of “Local Folders”

Microsoft Outlook
-File Menu -> New -> Folder..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and place the folder inside “Personal Folders”

Apple Mail
-Mailbox Menu -> New Mailbox..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and set the location to “On My Mac”

Don’t use @fsjames.com anymore? Please call or text 996-4008 and let me know so I can remove the old account. At the end of each year, I look at the mail server. If you haven’t logged in (I can tell that much) in 6 months, I will automatically delete the account and everything in it.


call 996-4008
Your In Town Computer Doctor