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Mail Problems?

NOTICE SEPT. 2015: Another infected user caused SEND problems! I was forced to change your password. If you cannot login, do a FULL or DEEP scan of your computer first, then call 4008 to get your temporary password. You can reset it to whatever you want by going to webmail and clicking the drop down menu under your username at the top right. Mailboxes that have been unused since August 1 are being deleted!

Hate to sound like the voice on The Outer Limits but there is nothing wrong with the server. Once in a blue moon it will restrict use because some user @fsjames.com is infected or hacked and hogging all the bandwidth, but this hasn’t happened again in almost a year. Making everyone pick a complicated password solved most of the problem and as soon as an infected user is found, their mail service is cut off.

I do not charge you to use @fsjames.com mail, so if you don’t want to read on and try to fix things yourself, feel free to call me a 996-4008 and I will come to your house or you can arrange to drop off your computer so I can fix it for you for only $35

Passwords: I don’t know your password, so if you’ve forgotten it you’ll have to call and set up another one. One that meets today’s security requirements.

You can receive mail but not send? If you’re with Telus or Maxair Highspeed, look in your Outgoing Server settings and set it to smtp.telus.net Port 25 with no authourization required. If you are with ABC you may not be able to send without a netbistro account as they have a port block enabled. If you’re out of town or on someone else’s computer – use webmail.fsjames.com in a browser. If you get a security warning, add an exception (go on – continue) it’s because the the security ticket is not named fsjames.com it’s something bizarre like trying to spell how a fart sounds. The webmail link icon is also at www.fortstjames.com and looks like this



CHANGED YOUR E-MAIL? If you’s like your email to another and wish to still get your @fsjames.com mail, email admin@fsjames.com or text 4008 with your old fsjames account and your new one (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.) and I will direct fsjames mail to it. I don’t need any of your passwords to do that.

Almost all the other problems relate to an overflowed mailbox. Here’s how to fix that:

Your mailbox has a size limit. You can’t keep all the mail you get on the server forever or you will exceed it. Then your mail won’t work properly.
There are three types of mail:
POP mail takes the mail from the server and puts it on your computer. If you have more than one computer, the first one to access the mail will get the new messages and they won’t be there for the others to see.
IMAP keeps the mail on the server and your computer downloads a copy. Your mail is available to multiple devices BUT your mailbox will rapidly fill up and become nonfunctional if you don’t manage it.
WEBMAIL runs directly from the server. HOTMAIL, GMAIL, YAHOO MAIL are examples of webmail, you don’t fire up Outlook or Thunderbird to see them you go to a web address. You may see “Squirrelmail” or “Roundcube” on the top of your mail page,those are the most popular webmail programs. If your Outlook or Thundird gives problems, you can fix it often by using webmail.
Manage and fix your email
Empty your TRASH folder every so often. When you delete a message it goes to TRASH and isn’t really gone. For Outlook or Thunderbird right click TRASH folder on the left and pick empty trash. Go to webmail.fsjames.com and click the PURGE beside the TRASH on Squirrelmail. For Roundcube, click the TRASH folder, scroll down and click the gear icon and pick Empty.
Clear your SENT folder. Go through and delete everything you don’t really need to keep. Then empty your TRASH again
Check your Settings in Outlook/WindowsMail and Thunderbird. In the SERVER settings (under Accounts/Properties for Outlook/WindowsMail) to see if it is POP. If so, make sure LEAVE A COPY ON SERVER (advanced) is not checked. Close your program and restart it, after a minute things should be fixed.
Manage your Inbox. You can make folders to store old messages you want to keep that are on your computer instead of taking space on the server and move old messages to it
Thunderbird, Windows Mail:
-File Menu -> New -> Folder..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and Create as a subfolder of “Local Folders”

Microsoft Outlook
-File Menu -> New -> Folder..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and place the folder inside “Personal Folders”

Apple Mail
-Mailbox Menu -> New Mailbox..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and set the location to “On My Mac”


call 996-4008
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