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fortstjames.com redone

If you’re familiar with the old fsjames.com website, check it out again. It will redirect to fortstjames.com (the new name) as they are the same.

Use it as your Home Page – if you start there you will see the latest Canadian news from CBC and have links right there to go to Facebook, Google Search, Outlook (hotmail) and Yahoo. There’s also info and links for Fort St. James, downloadable takeout menus* for our local restaurants and links to the local banks.

Messages and events can be posted on the site by sending a request.


  • menus are the latest ones received for posting, it is the restaurant’s responsibility to provide them if they’re changed. Phone or email a new copy, that’s ALL the effort it takes.

Mail Problems?

NOTICE SEPT. 2015: Another infected user caused SEND problems! I was forced to change your password. If you cannot login, do a FULL or DEEP scan of your computer first, then call 4008 to get your temporary password. You can reset it to whatever you want by going to webmail and clicking the drop down menu under your username at the top right. Mailboxes that have been unused since August 1 are being deleted!

Hate to sound like the voice on The Outer Limits but there is nothing wrong with the server. Once in a blue moon it will restrict use because some user @fsjames.com is infected or hacked and hogging all the bandwidth, but this hasn’t happened again in almost a year. Making everyone pick a complicated password solved most of the problem and as soon as an infected user is found, their mail service is cut off.

I do not charge you to use @fsjames.com mail, so if you don’t want to read on and try to fix things yourself, feel free to call me a 996-4008 and I will come to your house or you can arrange to drop off your computer so I can fix it for you for only $35

Passwords: I don’t know your password, so if you’ve forgotten it you’ll have to call and set up another one. One that meets today’s security requirements.

You can receive mail but not send? If you’re with Telus or Maxair Highspeed, look in your Outgoing Server settings and set it to smtp.telus.net Port 25 with no authourization required. If you are with ABC you may not be able to send without a netbistro account as they have a port block enabled. If you’re out of town or on someone else’s computer – use webmail.fsjames.com in a browser. If you get a security warning, add an exception (go on – continue) it’s because the the security ticket is not named fsjames.com it’s something bizarre like trying to spell how a fart sounds. The webmail link icon is also at www.fortstjames.com and looks like this



CHANGED YOUR E-MAIL? If you’s like your email to another and wish to still get your @fsjames.com mail, email admin@fsjames.com or text 4008 with your old fsjames account and your new one (gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc.) and I will direct fsjames mail to it. I don’t need any of your passwords to do that.

Almost all the other problems relate to an overflowed mailbox. Here’s how to fix that:

Your mailbox has a size limit. You can’t keep all the mail you get on the server forever or you will exceed it. Then your mail won’t work properly.
There are three types of mail:
POP mail takes the mail from the server and puts it on your computer. If you have more than one computer, the first one to access the mail will get the new messages and they won’t be there for the others to see.
IMAP keeps the mail on the server and your computer downloads a copy. Your mail is available to multiple devices BUT your mailbox will rapidly fill up and become nonfunctional if you don’t manage it.
WEBMAIL runs directly from the server. HOTMAIL, GMAIL, YAHOO MAIL are examples of webmail, you don’t fire up Outlook or Thunderbird to see them you go to a web address. You may see “Squirrelmail” or “Roundcube” on the top of your mail page,those are the most popular webmail programs. If your Outlook or Thundird gives problems, you can fix it often by using webmail.
Manage and fix your email
Empty your TRASH folder every so often. When you delete a message it goes to TRASH and isn’t really gone. For Outlook or Thunderbird right click TRASH folder on the left and pick empty trash. Go to webmail.fsjames.com and click the PURGE beside the TRASH on Squirrelmail. For Roundcube, click the TRASH folder, scroll down and click the gear icon and pick Empty.
Clear your SENT folder. Go through and delete everything you don’t really need to keep. Then empty your TRASH again
Check your Settings in Outlook/WindowsMail and Thunderbird. In the SERVER settings (under Accounts/Properties for Outlook/WindowsMail) to see if it is POP. If so, make sure LEAVE A COPY ON SERVER (advanced) is not checked. Close your program and restart it, after a minute things should be fixed.
Manage your Inbox. You can make folders to store old messages you want to keep that are on your computer instead of taking space on the server and move old messages to it
Thunderbird, Windows Mail:
-File Menu -> New -> Folder..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and Create as a subfolder of “Local Folders”

Microsoft Outlook
-File Menu -> New -> Folder..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and place the folder inside “Personal Folders”

Apple Mail
-Mailbox Menu -> New Mailbox..
-Give the mailbox a name (i.e “old mail”) and set the location to “On My Mac”

Mail Setup

Having trouble with your mail @fsjames.com?

SECURITY WARNING – this is because the actual server name is practically unspellable and I’m not going to pay for a certificate for everyone else’s free email service. Click CONTINUE and ADD an exception. You will have to do this almost every time your browser updates. The site is perfectly safe.

I am hosting the mailboxes simply because I didn’t want people to lose service after 15 years of having an @fsjames.com email. Feel free to make a donation, in over 2 years not one person in town has.

If you’re setting up Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, etc. there’s a couple tricks you should be aware of.

Mailboxes are limited in size. Use POP3 so the mail is removed from the server and it doesn’t overflow, you can set computers to leave mail on the server under the Account-Advanced settings if it’s not your main system.

INCOMING SERVER is mail.fsjames.com Ignore any site warnings because the real name is unspellable. Logon with your whole email address under Username

OUTGOING SERVER must be set to the service you use. Telus and Maxair Highspeed users use smtp.telus.net. No under Authentication.

If you use IMAP you’ll need to go into the WEBMAIL at webmail.fortstjames.com and PURGE your Trash once in awhile.


The hotel or place you’re at may be on Shaw, or Rogers, or Bell or some other Internet service. They won’t let you send mail through someone else’s server. Use the webmail feature that works just like Hotmail and Yahoo. As long as you don’t check a message and pick delete it will still be there next time you use Outlook. You can even choose filters to delete spam and such if you look at the bottom of the page before you choose Squirrelmail or Roundcube to read it.

webmail.fortstjames.com    or

go to www.fortstjames.com and click on the mailbox icon.

Logon with your email address and password, if you forgot your password – guess what? I don’t know it either. Call me at 4008 and we’ll have t make a new password for you. It will need to be a complex one with capitals, letters and numbers in it that meets a minimum standard. The days of “bob” or “1234” are long gone.


The first computers I played with were back in the 1960s and 70s. I remember touring SFU when it first opened, ‘the computer’ was the size of your garage and about as powerful as a handheld calculator. But that was amazing at the time, just remember that the H-bomb, nuclear reactors and the Space Program were accomplished with a slide rule. How many people even know what those are in this day and age? Some of the early computing devices we played with were mechanical devices, you pushed gears and levers about with a stylus!

I had an uncle with Honeywell-Aero back east. He took me to the first computerized auto plant in St. Thomas where they built the Ford Pinto (boom!) and programming was done with crates of punchcards. He was a favorite among customers, one apple-box of cards he took everywhere, when you loaded it in the computer would churn out a picture of Snoopy on his doghouse, with a calendar below. On a dot-matrix made out of Xs an Os for the graphics. I guess it’s all his fault…

So after an aborted attempt to appease the parents by entering Dad’s alma mater at UBC and realizing it was more fun building light organs and fancy looking gizmos that simply ground started a payphone and blowing Cap’n Crunch whistles, I cut my hair and got a real job. Which paid so well I could buy reel-to-reel tape recorders, synthesizers and all sorts of fun stuff. But I quit to become one of the highest paid writers in the world. Believe it or not, over fifty bucks a word! Every two weeks I’d write NO-NO-NO-NO-YES-NO on a punchcard, mail it in and the government would send me over $300.

Which being a geek only piqued my curiosity, all they had to do was marker pen those words and use an optical reader or punch a hole and feed them through a computer…. but being gov’t they probably had a clerk hand punch another card.

I married a girl with family in the phone company, that was back in the days when that’s all you needed was a name to get in. And ended up in a department where I ended up all over the province converting the old mechanical offices into digital switches. Took a computer course when I ended up somewhere for a whole semester and quickly bought myself a Vic20 to pass the time. Punching in ones and zeros from the back of a computer magazine and saving them to cassettes. Learning two and two = two and how to divide D8 by 10. Dropping over $400 for a whole 4 kilobytes of extra RAM so I could have a system a powerful as the schools. Checking out BASIC and PASCAL and DOS, invited to Apple for the unveiling of the Macintosh and wondering how could anyone do any real programming with icons and a mouse.

Worked mainly with Commodore systems (C64, Amiga, Commodore PC) until they folded and Billy Gates came up with Win98 SE, a system stable enough to work with.

At any rate I ended up here in the Fort fixing phones, as the office was being converted. It had a teletype link to print our work orders and then got upgraded to a real data line. I was writing tech and consumer articles for the local rag and I could reference them over the the computer at work – the beginning of the Internet. I was never a good pole climber and they pointed out how my knees were popping and I’d have to look for some other work as they were planning to scale back at the phone company. So I took a buyout and opened the first Internet service outside P.G. Then another. Merged with the others, and eventually into Max Internet.

So let’s clear something up now, I never owned it. I owned shares in a company that held the majority of shares in it. And worked the office, sales, installation and repairs.

We quickly disposed of those racks of dialup modems squealing and awking in the backroom and in it’s dialup heyday had 46 incoming lines and one of the only T1s in town. Started playing with wireless delivery for higher speeds, and resold ADSL lines for a while. Forgot all my Cisco training as we could never afford their switches and had to ‘make do’. Bought myself some Macs, learned Linux and ran our own server banks, web servers, mail servers, our own DNS servers, etc. Lots of fun. No money.

Thanks to all the guys kids that worked for us and with us, Sean and Alan for turning me onto Linux and Brock for kicking me in the ass to get serious with it. Keegan for proving someone from the Fort really could go somewhere in tech. Johnny the most amazing salesman I ever met, why he’d not only sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo, he’d sell him one with an LCD in it and another for his bar! Shara for making me wish I kept writing and drawing and got somewhere with that. Lynn and Sebastien who could make the customers smile.

Spent the last three years trying to sell out, and finally did. But I still hack lines of webcode, fix computers and configure things just for the fun (and hopefully some profit) of it. Just like how I used to just pick up your phone and discover what needed to be fixed, I can still tell you within a few minutes what your computer or Internet connection needs to be fixed. And people tell me I have the patience of a Saint, so after practicing that for all these years serving the public, I can show you how to do something on your computer.

Rick’s Area 250 Computer Services

Site is always under construction. Call or text (if you don’t know the first 3 digits, you don’t live here so I can’t help you) 4008 for help with computer repairs, computer or internet related problems, or lessons.


call 996-4008
Your In Town Computer Doctor