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Rick does repairs!

Mobile Computer Services in Fort St. James

Viruses? Computer slow? Need advice or tutoring? You all know me, I’ve been fixing computers and Internet in town for over 20 years, I’m now based from home.

I am now able to come to you for your computer needs.  In home service or pickup and drop off included. Complete range of onsite Internet troubleshooting and repairs for both business and home users.

Windows 10 is here and it is good.

It is faster and more secure than any previous version, and once you have it you will never need to buy another Windows again. The free Windows 10 offer has ended, it now costs to upgrade an older system.

Internet problems?

I was the guy who brought the Internet to Fort St. James way back when. Fort St. James was one of the first rural areas to get Internet access. From dial-up to ADSL and wireless-to-home access, I am able to pinpoint your problems or even advise you on the best system to use at your location. With years of experience working with Telus, ABC and running Max, I have many contacts who can help resolve problems that trace to your ISP.

Web Services

Sometimes you want an all in one web service. Registrations, renewals, updates and assistance all for a simple flat price and one yearly invoice. Sometimes you want to learn how to make your own site, and a place to put it. Or maybe just need to be shown how to use Joomla or WordPress or how to FTP.  I will also do simple but effective websites for you. Call.


You want to learn how to use your computer, or how do something with it, or on the Internet. Explained in language you understand and in a way you can remember. You don’t need someone who’ll tell you you need to buy this program or subscribe to that service, you’d rather someone who’s been mucking with computers as long as Bill Gates show you the right way first, so you can decide if that costly software will help you at all.  Call me, I’m willing to tutor just you or even a group.

Don’t use Windows XP or Internet Explorer any more!

Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP. It is now obsolete. You are endangering yourself using it to access the Internet the way you always have. Internet Explorer is full of security holes and has been replaced by Edge. The blue “e” on Windows 10 is called Edge. You can also use Firefox or Chrome to surf the Internet.

But I recognize that some home users are not in a position to buy a new computer. You could try Linux. It is not unlike what you’re familiar with and is totally free. Point and click, same as Windows or Mac.


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Your In Town Computer Doctor